Future Center Hakodate and Kids Plaza Hakodate opened in Hakodate city, Hokkaido on October 15, 2016. It has opened as a regional exchange center after two and half years of cooperation with Sony PCL.

We have taken comprehensive responsibility for the establishment of these facilities aimed to revitalize the area. Along with creating contents for the large LED display ‘Media Wall’ requested by the city at the time of project planning, we also designed the concept of the facility, cooperated with Future University Hakodate and worked with students through workshops to design the logo and website.

Hakodate City has been dedicated to disseminating science as the city’s new attraction since 15 years ago, and Future Univeristy Hakodate was founded for that purpose. With the creation of the nation’s first complex systems science department, it has been progressing in the fields of artificial intelligence, advanced technology education and design education. Future Center Hakodate and Kids Plaza Hakodate aim to use science as a base to nurture the strengths (the ability to recognize and solve problems independently) necessary for the next generation to uphold the world of the 21st century. We have called this strength ‘Odoroku Chikara’ (Sense of wonder) and used it as the concept to develop these facilities. By utilizing the location in front of the station, we hope to revitalize the area through the development of these facilities.

Media Wall

We have produced the contents listed below on the Media Wall. All of them will tickle the intellectual curiosity of children, and were produced with the objective of deepening their experience by interacting with the videos.


The secret of the herd

The secret of the herd: An interactive aquarium that allows children to learn about the ecology of squids while having fun.


Size and speed

An animated reference book that allows one to experience the size and speed of animals, cars, and bullet trains via full-scale CG.


The deviation of time

An interactive visual expression using one’s own body to learn about “time” and its lag and deviation.


Hakodate Musical

A fun video series introducing Hakodate, created by filmmaker Inoue Ryo, who is in charge of the NHK program “Bijutune!”


360 Studio

A space to enjoy the interaction of sound and videos. 



One of the representative sounds of Hakodate, the rarely experienced pipe organ, can be played at will using your body.



A physical DJ application where you use your body to play your own recorded voice. Learn fundamental musical rhythm and notes while having fun.



Conceptor:Yuki Tazaki
Creative Director : Hiroshi Ouchi / Shigeru Makino
Designer : Tsutomu Miyajima /Tatsuki Kondo / Shota Oga / Misaki Horai
UI Designer : Haruka Kanno
Programmer:Hiroki Sato / Atsushi Yoshimura / Seiya Takasawa
Producer : Yasuaki Matsui

Technical Constructor:Masato Tsutsui (Arque)
Sound : Masato Hatanaka
Sound Programmer:Yuichi Matsumoto
Sound Producer:Takafumi Tamura (TV MAN UNION)
Cinematographer : Daisuke Oki
Sound Effect : Yusuke Tamaki(PUTBALSOUND)
Artist : Ryo Inoue supported by NHK education
Management / Workshop:Myeong-hee Lee
Backend system development (Media Wall) : Rhizomatiks

Special thanks
Future University Hakodate